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Idea Star Singer Gayathri Secret Love Marriage Photos Without Watermarks March 6, 2009

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Idea Star Singer Gayathri Secret Love Marriage

Idea Star Singer Gayathri Secret Love Marriage

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1. malayaali - March 6, 2009


2. vinoth - March 8, 2009

kalli pennu….. santhoshamaayo ninakku…Mole… after initial enthusiasm, you will become zero. he will become hero…

3. vinu - March 9, 2009

gud pair

4. manu - March 9, 2009

all the best 4 a bright future Gayatri

5. yousaf - March 9, 2009

Is it true….We cannot belive….

6. Gaytri - March 9, 2009

What is this
Ur a star singer
Very bad yar

7. vivin - March 10, 2009

ha ha ha appo neyum pani pattichu alle .nanayi lovers mathrukayayi best of luck for your future life

8. gayathri suresh - March 12, 2009

kollaam mole.. nee thanne best… chirikkuttanum sarathinum sesham ee payyanum………… !!

9. Annie - March 12, 2009

hey gal… why such a decision at time time?? dnt u think its too early??? hmmm anyways… wish u good luck… thats all!

10. Rajesh Pakkattil - March 13, 2009

kashtane ninde karyam njan oru padu aradhichirunnu ee program kazhinjitu mathiyayirunile ethu ninde song ne nannaye bhadikum ……………………………

11. meenu - March 13, 2009

entha mole ninaku pattiyathu………….
star singer avende……………….
pattil ozhapunnathinte karyam epozh alle mansilavunathhu…
patiyathu patti……….eni pattil concentrate cheythu…………idea star singer aavan noku…………

12. nithin - March 13, 2009

iniulla ninte star singer veetil thane aayko.nineku vendi ethra paisa ente vote chaithu poyi 12 masam nee enthini kathu ninnu. Ninake ethini munbe ayeekude, poyilledi mole ninte flat. Nee kerala makkale viddikal aakky

13. anoop - March 13, 2009

venatirinnu gayathri

14. N. Balan - March 14, 2009

Kollaam mole Kalaki……………!

Wish U a Happy Married Life

15. V.SThomas - March 16, 2009

Hi Gayathri We wish you very happy wedded life. God blessyou and your husband. Please come back to ideastar singer and get the 1st prize. Yours loving Thomasuncle, Rachelaunty from Houston, U.S.A.

16. Sree Kutty - March 18, 2009

Hi Gayathri….
Wish you a happy married life…… God bless you… comeback Star Singer with more energy…. get Ist prize….. all people are loving you… becoz you are good singer and good voice……..

I am praying god… for your good future… like Manju and Dileep.


17. jojin - March 18, 2009

go ahead

18. sapna - March 19, 2009

u have got a very good husband please lead a happy married life with ur husband.this is life try to adjust with it.

19. sathyan - March 20, 2009

GAYATHRI,CONGRATZ!!!!what happened is fine,now take care of what has to happen-that is,u r a capable girl.to all those who are thinking ur decision was wrong-prove it thyat u r right-be the winner&[prove it.snehichu kalyanam kazhikunadhonnum athra vishayam alla mole-BEST OF LUCK!!!!!

20. achu - March 21, 2009

avasanam minda poocha kalam udachu

21. Jyothi - March 22, 2009

Gayathri, Y u did not think about ur beloved parents before your marriage. You are their one and only hope. This is cheaper than the cheapest.

Anyway, come back to Star Singer… Win the title… Aa athappadiyodoppam jeevikkande mole????

pilot - June 5, 2009

nee chilavinu kodukanda poori koothichi mole…..Aalude oru woory..panna poori…

22. dilna - March 23, 2009

gayathri ,very bad

23. jisha - March 23, 2009

gayathri eppol eth vendayirunu.pattine nannayitt badhikilleda kutta/////

24. jisha - March 24, 2009

gayathri nee enthe ninte parentsine orthille?idea star singer kazhiyan wait cheythoode?

25. sreekumar - March 25, 2009

hai asianet ,

26. Sneha - March 25, 2009

Gayathri….. this was not a good thing to do. You should have thought about this after the Idea Star Singer contest. I’m sure this will effect your SMS votes very much. Many of us had lots of expectations from your singing. Dont forget your parents who hoped the very best for you and of course supported you all through your life. I can imagine how pained they might be as of now seeing your pics in the internet.
Anyway….. as life has to go on and I wish you all success in your married life as well as your career.

27. sruthi - March 27, 2009

i never imagine like this

28. mrs VJohn - March 29, 2009

I was surprised to see the photos in the Internet.Is it Ture? I Still can’t believe. what happened really? who and what is he?. but when are you planning to admit to the public since it happened very secrectly. Hope your parents have overcome from the stress and strain if the news was true. Because still i can’t believe.

29. kishore james - March 30, 2009

star singer becomes star lover. all the very best to your married life.keep singing nicely. and i wonder, what is it do with your personal life to people? true music lovers, please continue with your support to this girl.

30. NO need - April 1, 2009

Ippozhalle ninte ochayadappinte kaaryam manasilaayathu…

Ninakku vayasethrayaay? 17-18??

Dairyamundel nee kettiyennu para nee vote chodikkumbol

veruthe malayalikale mandammarakkathe..

Oru divasam ninnem kaanam Vanitayil MGSrekurar ne pole…


31. Anoop - April 1, 2009

Kastam mole… Ninne kandappozhe oru kalla lakshanam undayirunni.. Enthanenkilum “No more SMS” to Gayatri !!! There are good girls in star singer who are really good and doesnot make any trouble to their parents…

32. Manuja Nair - April 1, 2009

hey guys n gals,
i dont think its rite blaming this gal
though we are her fans n she’s in the limelight as of now but that does not mean she must now love anyone,
its a true feeling from apersons heart,
who are we to interfere in her personal life.
its her life!!!!
Go ahead babes!!!!!
I wish u goood luck for the finals
n have an excellent married life

33. sooraj - April 3, 2009

hi gayathri,

this was not at all acceptable.but it did not make any shock because i was very sure abt this after seeing some down perfomances from you.I am happy to see u back in the stage with you mom and in fact she seems to be very happy and proud mom after you secret marriage.

34. abhina - April 7, 2009

best of luck…………….my all regards……..

35. hafeeza - April 9, 2009

congrats da

36. NAVYA - April 13, 2009

Hi; Gay;

37. Vishnu - April 18, 2009


Dont worry about the above negative comments, thats there in the DNA of typical Mallu: …frogs in the well !!

It doesnt matter if you win the flat or not….it doesnt matter if this was a good or bad decision…it doesnt matter if the entire world is against…. The things matter is the love and trust you have in your partner and your Parents.

Have a happy married life…


38. ur fan - April 20, 2009

Edeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee gayathri……………..
ninne kuriche viswasikan pattunnilla………
narundhu poleyirunu nee pani oppichalle
ninte flat kattapoka………….
enthenkilum abhadham pattiyo moleeeeeeeeeee

39. A well wisher - April 20, 2009

Did anyone of you who are blaming this girl think about the purity of your own life. Please let them allow to live in the way they have selected. They are matured and not kids.

Whether it is wrong or right it is their right to choose their own way to live. Dont make the girl more depressed.

The parents should be blamed instead of the girl.

All the best wishes.

40. LEENA - April 21, 2009


41. shakeelabasheer - April 22, 2009

gayatri enthu nalla molayirunu nee mol enthinanu ithu cheithath ninte parents enthumatram vishamikunundakum
molude nalla life mol tulachalo eniku vishamam tonunu vivekellam undayirunile star singeril avane kettirunekkil itra vishamamillayirunu eniku

42. shalu - April 23, 2009

From the kacheri round itself we felt that some thing happened to you.anyway that happened which should not have happened.it will definitely afffect your votes negatively.Believe in fate.Take all the negative opinions as a challenge and show them that ur decision is correct.iss is not the end of life.
sambhavikkunathellaam nallathinu,sambhavichathum nallathinu,ini sambhavikkaan pokunnathum nallathinu.
it may take years to prove that ur decision is right.
molu,don’t worry.
all the very best to u in ur family life and carrier.

43. raju - April 24, 2009

edee gayathree ente cash ellam poy nee oru big zeero akanam ithra urgent anankil ninak vere enthenkilum cheythu koodairunnoo.imeen viral kayil illairuno,atho vayaru veertho?very bad.

44. anu - April 24, 2009

haigayathri, did u ever think about ur parents .thing u have done was not fair .did u think about ur feature.idea star singer kazhinju mathiya yirunnu anyway i wish u a happy married life

45. A wellwisher - April 24, 2009

Dont worry ! This can happen to anyone. What u can do is concentrate in your singing and make your parents happy

46. SAJESH - April 24, 2009


47. AG - April 26, 2009

Wish you all the best. Good decision. Even if you do not become a star singer atleast you can live with person you like

48. Pravila Gopalan - April 26, 2009

Hai, Gayathri. Feeling very bad, you lost the first pize. I think your secrect marriage affected your performance. You could have waited,Your parents hearts might have pained. We feel very bad. Any way nice couples. Very best. In the midst of hurry burry marriage you might have lost concentration and could not performed well. your chachi Pravila

49. CAT - April 26, 2009

Yedi koora Gayathri Why in the world did you do this?

50. GM Dhavan - April 26, 2009

surprised to see the pictures on the net?
Who released the pcitures?

51. achoos - April 29, 2009

wish you all the best

52. dynamites - May 4, 2009

mole gayatri…njangal ninte same age annuuu….athukondu parayalato….ippo nee cheythathinte after effect ninakku adikam vaikathe manasilakum we are btech students…atrem vare etheetu entina kalam kondu udache????
ellavarkkum nalla parentsine kittila.angane kittiya nalla parentsine ingane hurt cheyyan ninakkengane kazhinju???????its so cruel yaarr…..
idea star singer enna title polum nee veruthe kalanjile?
ithu juz oralude abiprayam alla a full batch of….an engg colg..

53. sareenamajeed - May 4, 2009

gayathri nee cheythath enikkishttamayi.snehicha aale kalyanam kayikkanam.nan nintte baakath aane.wish u all the best.but u r family >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> ath nee orkanamaayirunnu

54. sareenamajeed koduvally - May 4, 2009

wish you all the best

55. vilseskvalsan - May 12, 2009

kadi kalikto .pani patho allya santhosmutho sukmamthanaali adichi polichi ketto wishe you happy married life I PRAY TO GOD

56. Pratheeksha Sajan - May 20, 2009

Best Wishes for ur happy Married Life

57. shashi - May 23, 2009

you are my relative…how could you do this to me?

58. Melba - May 31, 2009

Wait till he starts showing his true colors you will regret making your parents cry.Wtf did u think fairy tales are true after a couples of years and the initial bliss he’s gonna mentally torment you saying stuff like you left your own parents for me and what not…and you are only a couple of years older than me.Wtf were u thinking when u got married so early you are going to spend the rest of your life with this friggin bastard.

59. Melba - June 1, 2009


Parents are to be blamed?What kind of a stupid moron are you?if she runs away theres not much parents can do abt that..if i choose to run away with some FB its not my parents fault its mine.

60. Oru nalla chettan - June 1, 2009

EE ezhuthiyothonnum vaayikkenda tto mole. Vrithikkedu ezhuthunnathokke thala thericha thanthakku pirakkaathavaraanu. Nee vishamikkenda. Idea star singer title Amercian Presidentine pole onnum alla llo. Good luck and go ahead with your life.

61. Pranayam - June 13, 2009

HI Gayathri,

Good decision..! You people are lucky, because you both got married and living together. May God shower you all good things in your future Life..!People will be having different openion about this, but at last it is your life. You have all rights to take your decision…! Enjoy your life, and make sure that “Give and Take” policy applied in your married life, which will help you to go forward so happy.Hope your parents will accept your decision, and they will forward their hands to you…Best wishes..!!

A loving Couple

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